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March 2018
Feature # 1
Rutilated Smoky Quartz

Delicate Gold Rutile Starbursts
Fully Polished
Very Unique And Rare Piece
Approx.6H x 6W x 4.5Deep
Feature # 2
Pyrite Sampler

Great Variety
Excellent Seller
From Peru
Approx.2.5-4W x 2.5-3.5L
Feature # 3

Shiny Lilac Metallic Color
Great Formation
Dog-tooth Calcite Crystals
Approx. 5H x 4.5W x 5.5Deep
Feature # 4
Fluorite Wands

Beautiful Rich Color
Wonderful Rainbows
Fully Polished
Hand Selected
Approx.4- 5L x .75-1W
3 Each for $98.00
Feature # 5
Large Tourmaline Set

Great For Resale
Dolomite And Mica Sprinkles
Nice Shine
From Brazil
Approx. 4-8.5L x 3-3.5W
Set of 3 for $210.00
Feature # 6
Quartz Crystal Clusters

Great Variety
High Shine
Lots Of Rainbows
Approx. 3.5-5L x 2.5-4W
6 Each for $96.00
Feature # 7
Clear Quartz Double Terminated Sampler

All 3 Crystal Are Optically Clear
2 Have Green Chlorite Phantoms
Fully Polished
Approx.3-5.5L x 1.5-2W
13 Each for $220.00
Feature # 9
Clear Quartz Cluster

Gorgeous Large Points
Vibrant Rainbows
Approx. 10H x 9W x 7Deep
Feature # 8

Beautiful Display Piece
Extra Gemmy Quality
Approx. 7H x 5W x 4Deep
Feature # 10
Smoky Crystal Skull

Beautiful Rainbow
Delicate Rutile Inclusions
Excellent Lapidary Carving
Approx. 5H x 4.5W x 6L
Feature # 11
Quartz Crystal Clusters

Sandstone Matrix
4 Pieces With Crystals On Both Sides
Lots Of Sparkle
Freshly Mined
Approx.3.5- 6.5W x 4-5L
6 Each for $87.00
Feature # 12
Kyanite Quartz Matrix

Aesthetically Pleasing Color Contrast
Excellent Quality
Approx. 6H x 12L
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