November 2018

    Fall is in full swing and we are loving every minute of it! The weather is perfect for digging crystals. The past few weeks we’ve been doing some work up at the mine, and right now the crystals are easy to find. With the hard rain we just had, crystals are all over the surface. Everyone is coming back with smiles. Our famous fall colors are starting and will be in full glory mid November till late November. Hope they will be awesome.


    Our residential “rock hounds” are taking every opportunity to get some attention from the visitors. We have three rescue dogs on the property. Smiley the eldest spends her time assisting at the mine. She’s sure to ask for a pat or two. Laurel and Hardy are the two brothers. They spend most of their time basking in the sunshine or lounging inside when its raining.



    This past month has flown by in the business world. We’ve been keeping busy with lots of new wholesale business. We look forward to what this new month has to bring!

The Wegner Crew

Orders Only: 800-367-9888 or Phone/Fax: 870-867-2309

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