Spring seems to have come early, so now is the Spring break has hit us full force, and we couldn’t be happier. Wegner’s is alive with some major hustle and bustle with families from all over the surrounding states. We love this time of year as the tourist season begins. Our tailings area is freshly stocked with new product from our commercial mine. We have done major work at the Crystal Forest Mine opening up new areas, and moving dirt to refresh old areas.

One of our Favorite things about this time of year is reconnecting with the friends we have made at the mine over the years! The two pictures above are of the Highbargers and our rock hounds (Laurel and Hardy). The top one was taken 10 years ago and the one below was taken this month when they came back to visit. Jennifer Highbarger and her family have been coming to the mine for 17 years now. It’s always a pleasure catching up with people that started out as our guests and have became our friends.

We are gearing up for Phantom Mine for diggers. It will be a 4 hour dig for $40 per person. We provide round trip transportation and a guide. Trips will leave at 9:45 advance reservations and a deposit will be required. We have already made lots of trips to the Phantom Mine this spring and looking forward to making many more.perfect time to come visit.


The Wegner Crew